Varadahalli Shridhara Ashrama Shivamogga Sagara

Varadahalli Shridhara Ashrama, Sagara, Shivamogga:

Varadahalli Shridhara Ashrama front view
Shridhara Ashrama front view, Varadahalli

Varadapura or Varadahalli is known for Shridhara Swamy Ashram. It is located in Sagara taluk of Shivamogga district. It was established in the year 1954 by Shridhara Swamy to carry his spiritual meditation. Varadahalli Shridhara ashrama Shivamogga is one of the places to visit around Shivamogga

Sridhara swamy, Varadahalli – an overview

shridhara swamy
shridhara swamy

Shridhar swamy was born in Lad, Chincholi, Karnataka, India on December 7th 1908, as the son of Kamalabai & Narayana Deglurkar. He lost his father when he was three years old. One year after he lost his mother too.

When Shridhar swamy became orphan he spent his next few years in Gulbarga & Pune pursuing his education.During the course of time , discovering the Shridhar’s intense inclination towards spiritualism, ShriPalnitkar Guruji advised him to solicit the blessings of Samartha Ramdas Swamiji, Sajjanghad. Shridhar swamy some time in Sajjangadh serving Samartha swamy & people who vising his ashram for 2 & half years.

Later Shridhar swamy travelled throughout the country and preached his principles based on the ideologies of Sanatana Vedic Hindu Dharma. Later he founded his Ashram at Sagara taluk,Shivamogga dist. One of the most picturesque places in western Ghats of India.

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Shri Sridhara Ashram:

Shridhara Ashrama entrance
Shridhara Ashrama entrance

Varadahalli Shridhara Ashrama is located at the top of the hill. It is surrounded by green forests. One need to climb 300 steps to get to the Shridhara Ashram. The ashram constructed here is simple yet beautiful. Away from daily routine get into Shridhara Ashram Varadahalli to awaken soul at the same time get the blessings of holy saint.




Varadahalli Shridhara Ashrama  has many attractions inside the premises: 

 Shridhara theertha:

As said above Sagara is one of the most picturesque places in Western Ghats of India.  The place is  encircled by hills & Abode of presiding deity goddess Durgamba. A folktale suggests that Maharshi Vedavyasa stayed here.  A few hidden caves behind the temple provide evidence for the possibility of being a true fact.

Despite of all the beauty it has there was immense scarcity of water  at Varadapur, Realizing this Shridhar swamy dug a small hole from the ground with the thumb of this right leg. A small stream of water surfaced  and began flowing down. This is known as “Shridhara Theertha” which cures many skin diseases.

Still today no one knows the origin of the water, a pool is constructed here to store the holy water.  It is believed that this water will run with purity till the existence of the earth. It is also believed that by taking dip in this holy water, most the skin related diseases get cured.

Dharma Dwaja:

Dharma Stambha with the Dharma Dhwaj which is located at the top of the mountain and is 30 feet in height. It swerves as spiritual inspiration to its devotees & followers. It reminds them to continue with their endeavors to revive the Sanatan Vedic Hindu Dharma.

Sanskrit Pathashala:

The ashram consists of a pathashala (a school) that offers knowledge about the Vedas, Upanishads & Sanskrit language.It is named after Sridhar Swamiji.

Shridhara swamy samadi temple:

Shridhara Samadi temple

Shridhara swamy one of the great saints of 20th century lived at VAradahalli & spent his last years (1968-1973) at this ashram before going to Samadi. There is a cave where swamiji used to stay during his solitude.


gowshala varadahalli
gowshala varadahalli

There is a gowshala at Varadahalli Shridhara ashrama which has 250 cows.

What you can have at Shridhara Ashrama, Varadahalli:

  • Instead of all the above listings,Shridhara Ashrama has two temples, one is durgamba temple & the other one is Uma maheshwara temple.
  • Prasada offered everyday btw 12.30pm to 2pm
  • rform yaga & other rituals for the devotees.
  • There is an accommodation for the students & saints
  • There are restrooms inside the ashram premises where you can rest for sometime
  • There also lodging facility available for the visitors to stay.
  • Other rituals conducted here are Shridhara swamy aradhana mahotsava, Guru poornima, Vijayadashami, Chaturmasa samapthi dina, Shri data Shridhara Jayanthi Mahotsava
  • You can also get monthly magazine of Shridhara Sandesha by subscribing to it at the ashram.

Contact information:

Shri Shridhara Seva Mahamandala

Accomodation, Varadahalli
Accomodation, Varadahalli

Shridharashrama, Shri kshetra Varadapura

E J Mane post, Sagar taluk

Shivamogga dist- 577401

Ph: 08183236166/296583


Website: ,

How to reach:

Shridhara swamy Ashram, Varadahalli  Sagara is well connected by road. It is at a distance of jjust 6 kms from Sagara town. 72kms from Shivamogga dist. Distance from Bangalore to Varadahalli is 352kms. It is very easy to reach here by bus. There are many private buses ply btw Sagara and Varadahalli.

Nearest railway stations are Sagara & Shivamogga railway stations.

Nearest airport is Mangalore international airport.

Quick Info:

Shridhara Swamy ashrama, VaradahalliSagara taluk, Shivamogga dist
Also known asVaradapura
Known forSaint Shridhara Swamy Ashram & Samadi
Distance from Sagara6kms
Distance from Shivamogga72kms
Distance from Bangalore to Varadahalli, Sagara352kms
PrasadaOffered everyday
TimingsMorning  6 am to night 9 pm
AccomodationAvailable within ashram premises


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