Onake Abbi falls Agumbe Karnataka

Onake Abbi falls Agumbe

Agumbe is a home to a large number of waterfalls and rich biodiversity. Onake Abbi falls Agumbe is one among them. It is a beautiful waterfall 8kms from Agumbe.

onake abbi falls agumbe
onake abbi falls agumbe

The name Onake is derived from Kannada word, in Kannada Onake means a thick wooden log used to powder grains & Sambar masalas. Falls has that name because it has only one only falls (not split) like “onake”. Height of the falls is around 500 feet.

Trek to Onake Abbhi Falls Agumbe Karnataka

The Onake Abbi falls is one of the many waterfalls that Nature has bestowed in Agumbe. It’s a beautiful destination for the people who love trekking. Onake abbi falls is an easy way trekking, which takes 1.5 to 2 hours of time.

starting point onake abbi falls
starting point onake abbi falls

How to reach Onake Abbi falls

There are two routes for trekking to Onake Abbi falls,

Route 1 is from Agumbe bus stand towards Agumbe Check point. There is an Arch of “Oushadhiya SasyaVana” to the right side. It’s a single road that will take you to the falls.

Route to onake abbi falls
Route to onake abbi falls

Route 2 is from Agumbe Check point. You can see a small lake & a park, to the right end of the park there is a sign board to falls as “Onake Abbi Jalapatakke Charana Haadi”. Starting from there you need to walk around 1km to get to the Route 1. This route is not clear, there are only trances of walk to follow the route. After reaching Route 1 its 4kms distance to the falls.

trekking road to onake abbi falls
trekking road to onake abbi falls

It is advisable to take the second route since it cuts through some dense forest and thus offers you an exciting experience. Approximately 200 meters before the falls, you have to take a few steps down and once you clear the steps you will be able to see the spectacular sight of the Onake Abbi falls.

Beware of Leeches during monsoon. They will suck your blood. Wear protective shoes & pants to cover your legs.

Food & Accommodation

Carry your own food & water while going for trekking. There is only one small shop near Agumbe Check point, where you can get tea or coffee. The nearest place to stay is Agumbe village, where you can find IB & Doddamane. Doddamane is a big house in Agumbe where Shankar Nag’s Malgudi days was shot.

onake abbi falls agumbe
onake abbi falls agumbe

Onake abbi falls is one such place of Agumbe tourism & Shimoga tourist places. Trek to Obake abbi falls will be an awesome experience to feel the nature & to enjoy one day trek.

How to reach Agumbe

By Road: Agumbe is 90kms from Shimoga & 30kms from Thirthahalli. It is easy to reach by bus as there are many buses from Bangalore to Thirthahalli & Shimoga to Agumbe.

By rail: The nearest railway station is Udupi railway station-55kms from Agumbe.

By air: Mangalore Airport is the nearest Airport

Important Note: You are required to take permission from Forest Dept  or you can contact DFO of Shimoga or RFO of Megaravalli(Near Agumbe)

onake abbi falls agumbe
onake abbi falls
onake abbi falls
onake abbi falls

Quick Info about Onake Abbi falls Agumbe

Base campAgumbe
Best timeNovember to February
Approx time2hours to reach
Night trekNot available
Difficulty levelModerate
From Shimoga-Agumbe90kms
RegionWestern Ghats

Other waterfalls near Agumbe:

Agumbe is home to number of waterfalls. Many waterfalls takes birth during Monsoon. But there are few waterfalls which flows down the whole year.

Barkaana falls: Barkana falls is the 10th highest waterfall in India. It is located 7kms from Agumbe.

Jogi gundi falls– Jogigundi is a small water fall near Agumbe.This is about 800m deep. Its about 3kms from Agumbe towards Shringeri road.

Koodlu theertha falls– Koodlu Theerthra waterfall is located 20 km from Agumbe.

Kunchikal falls: It is the 7th highest waterfall in India. Agumbe to Kunchikal falls distance is 55kms https://shimogasiri.com/highest-water-fall-in-india-kunchikal-falls-shivamogga/


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