Mattur the only Sanskrit speaking village in India

Mattur -the only Sanskrit speaking village in India

Mattur village

Yes you are reading it right!! Mattur is a small village near Shimoga distirct, Karnataka state in India is the only village where Sanskrit language is used for daily communication. So Mattur is the only Sanskrit speaking village in India.

Sanskrit being the oldest language in ancient India is losing its importance due to modernization & influence of western culture.  But in Mattur , each & every person can speak this ancient language fluently.

Mattur lies in the banks of the river Tunga. Every child in village has taught Vedas once they reach the age of 10.

History goes like this:

Mattur the only sanskrit speaking village in India


King Krishnadevaraya donated this land when he spotted the community when Sankethis, a community of Brahmins migrated from Kerala 600years ago. From centuries the village is holding the culture of Vedas & use of Sanskrit language in daily life. In the village each family is involved in either teaching the Hindu scriptures or in teaching in Sanskrit language itself.

Not left behind in Technology:

Mattur village

Mattur being the only Sanskrit speaking village in India is not left behind when it comes to technology. Almost every Brahmin family has an IT professional  and many of them are working abroad. Just like other places Mattur thrives on modern gadgets , automobiles & electrical appliances.

Everyone including elder, uses mobile phones along with smart phones of course. They are comfortable in using the comforts derived from modern science even while assailing their culture.

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Mattur School & Sanskrit:

Mattur village

The Schools in Mattur has the best academic record in the district. Learning Sanskrit makes the students develop an aptitude for maths & logic as well .

Mattur has given over 30 Sanskrit professors who are teaching in Kuvempu, Bangalore, Mysore & Mangalore universities. Mattur is also a home of famous personalities that include Mattur Krishnamurthy(Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan, Bangalore), Violinist Venkataram & Gamaka exponent H R Kesahvamurthy.

Sanskrit in Skype:

Sanskrit is taught free of cost to anyone who wishes to learn the language diligently. Also Sanskrit is taught through Skype, if one is interested. Although it is important to know that only Brahmins are taught Vedas & Sanskrit.

Gamaka art & Mattur:

Mattur & its sister village Hosahalli are known for their support to an ancient tradition Gamaka, a unique form of singing & story telling in Karnataka.

Some more facts about Mattur:

Sanskrit board at mattur

Being the only Sanskrit speaking village in India, most villagers here understand & speak Sanskrit.

Mattur’s twin village Hosahalli shares almost all qualities of Mattur. These two villages are almost always reffered together.

Mattur villagers are happy that Narendra modi govt plans to replace German with Sanskrit in CBSE schools.

The crime rate is extremely low in Mattur, as the village itself is one extended family. here is not a single property dispute pending before courts from this village.

Few attractions of Mattur is Temple of Lord Rama, Shivalaya,Someshwara & Lakshmikeshava.

To be important not all are welcomed in Mattur, when a boy married to a girl from north India, after this incident the community thrived on marrying within & at the most Brahmin communities nearby.

Mattur the only Sanskrit speaking village In india assiling it to its tradition, Not left behind by modernization has the record of the ‘last Sanskrit speaking language in India”

 How to reach:

Mattur is just 8kms from Shimoga city. Well reaching Shimoga from any other parts Karnataka is easy. There are buses & trains which ply to Shimoga. Later then private buses will take to Mattur or can even be reached by Auto.


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