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Kodachadri Trekking, Nearby places & Homestays

Kodachadri Hill
Kodachadri Hill


Shimoga or Shivamogga is home for hill stations & mountain peaks. It is one of the best gateways near Bangalore. One among such places, Kodachadri is a place to visit which mainly attracts trekkers. Kodachadri lies in Western Ghats of Shivamogga district.

Kodachadri is home to lush green jungle trails through dense forest, picturesque waterfalls & mesmerizing landscapes. Kodachadri is one of the best places to visit in India

Kodachadri Hill
Kodachadri Hill

Kodachadri is declared as ‘Natural heritage Site’ by Government of Karnataka. It is the 10th highest peak in Karnataka which is 1343meters above sea level.

Kodachadri is at a distance of 21kms from Kollur & 15kms from Nagodi village, Hosanagara taluk, from where the trekking starts.

Kodachadri is a great escape from your daily routine. So besides all of the excuses take a trip to Kodachadri this winter.

The name ‘Kodacha’ or ‘Kodashi’ means a hill of Kutaja flowers. Kutaja in Sanskrit means Jasmine of the hill. So the name “Kodachadri”

Kodachadri History: Kodachadri temple

Sarvajna Peetha
Sarvajna Peetha

Adi Shankara said to have meditated at Kodachadri, hence the temple Kollur Mookambika, which was established by Adi Shankaracharya.

A small temple called ‘Sarvajnapeetha’ where Adi Shankara used to sit & meditate is at the top of the hill.

Kodachadri Trekking:

Kodachadri Trekking Path
Kodachadri Trekking Path

Kodachadri is mainly famous for trekking. It is at a distance of 394kms from Bangalore. Kodachadri trekking can be a memorable experience.

There are 3 routes  to Kodachadri trekking

Route 1: If you are coming from Shivamogga, You need to reach Nittur, a small village. you need to proceed on the same road for 5.5kms. After that, you will find a small mud road on the right side. If you are travelling by public transport you can start your trek here. If you have your own vehicle you can still go further & then start your trek.

Route 2: This route is via Hidlumane falls. If you are travelling from Shivamogga there is one more trek starting point before 1.5kms from Nittur. This is bit easy route, where you need to walk on the tar road for 2.5kms. Approx till primary school. After that, you need to take a right turn. If you have your own vehicle you take your vehicle till this primary school. On this trek route, you will find beautiful Hidlumane falls, Which is needed to be crossed to reach the peak.

Importantly it is advised to avoid this route during monsoon. As the falls will overflow due to heavy rain.

Kodachadri Trekking & nearby places

Route 3: This is the jeep route, yet the longest route compared to the above two routes. You can take jeep facility though. This route is usually taken in heavy rain. The length of the route is around 15kms.

Kodachadri peak is connected with an all rough jeep road on which only jeeps can travel. Only expert local jeep drivers can take the jeep to the top.

Jeeps are available for hire at Kollur and at Kattinahole village near Kodachadri base. Motorcycle riding on this highly uneven, steep, mud track with sharp hairpin curves with gradients, may be challenging and risky.

Best time to trek to Kodachadri:

Best time to trek Kodachadri is from October to February. Winter season is the best season. Probably Kodachadri is the most visited trekkers’ point in Karnataka.

Wear full shoes & pants as there are leeches in Monsoon which sucks your blood.

Kodachadri nearby places to visit:

There are many places to visit near Kodachadri. Kodachadri is one of the best places to visit in Karnataka.

  • Sarvajnapeetha: Sarvajnapeetha is a small temple-like creature where Adi Shankaracharya meditated. This is the Moola Sthana of Sri Mookambika Devi established by Adi Shankara. It is 2kms to the peak from this point.
  • Iron Pillar: It is about 40ft in length constructed in front of Sarvajnapeetha. Devotees believe that this is the Trishula used by goddess Mookambika to slay a demon called Mookasura as per local tradition. This pillar is made of pure iron using traditional Indian metallurgical skills. This iron pillar is considered as the testimony of ancient Indian iron craftsmanship
Waterfalls near Kodachadri
Nagara fort, Belakallu Theertha, Arasinagundi falls, Hidlumane falls
  • Hidlumane falls: Hidlumane falls is 5kms from Kodachadri, Which is needed to be crossed to reach the peak. It involves a little adventurous trekking
  • Arasinagundi falls: It lies on the bottom of the Kodachadri hill. It is at a distance of 6kms from Kollur
  • Belakallu Theertha: Belakallu Theertha falls is located on the bottom of the southern side of Kodachadri hill. It is located near Mudur, Jadkal.
Kollur & Sarvajna Peetha
Kollur & Sarvajna Peetha
  • Kollur: Kollur is at a distance of 21kms from Kodachadri. Kollur is famous for Sri Mookambika temple established by Adi Shankaracharya. Kollur Mookambika is a powerful goddess which has devotees from all over India.
Kodachadri nearby places
Kodachadri nearby places
  • Sigandur: Sigandur is famous for Sri Choudeshwari Temple. It lies on the banks of Sharavathi backwater. It is at a distance of 35kms from Kodachadri
  • Hasirumakki: It is the backwater of Sharavathi river having 60kms length & 15kms width.
  • Nagara fort: Nagara fort is an old fort from 18th It is at a distance of 25kms from Kodachadri.

Western Ghats: Kodachadri

Kodachadri lies in the western ghats with thick dense forest. Kodachadri receives an annual rainfall of 500-750cms. It rains 8 months a year in Kodachadri.

Hence it is advisable to avoid trekking in Monsoon.

Kodachadri Homestays:

There are many numbers of homestays available at the foot of the hill. So it won’t be much difficult for trekkers to find accommodation.

PWD guest house is also located 1.2kms from the hill 4peak. One can get simple food & night stay at this place.

Below are the some of the best Homestays near Kodachadri





Quick View: Kodachadri Trekking

Bangalore to Kodachadri distance394kms
Mangalore to Kodachadri distance116kms
Shivamogga to Kodachadri distance141kms
Trekking timeOne day(up & down)
AreaWestern Ghats
Permission requiredNo
Hotels & accommodationsEasily available
Entry feeNo
Best time to visitOct to Feb
AvoidVisit during monsoon
No. of routes3
Risk levelEasy to Moderate

How to reach Kodachadri

Kodachadri is well connected by road As well as train. Kundapur & Bhatkal railway stations are the nearest. Mangalore international airport is the nearest airport.

Above all is information about Kodachadri & Kodachadri trekking. If there are any changes to be made as well as information to be added, please leave a comment below.  

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