Keladi and Ikkeri Shimoga

Keladi and Ikkeri Shimoga

Keladi and Ikkeri are historic places in Sagara Taluk of Shimoga district. Keladi had an important role in dynasties of Karnataka. It was capital of Keladi Nayaka’s, a feudatory of Vijayanagara empire.

Keladi Shimoga
Keladi Shimoga

After the disintegration of Vijayanagar Empire in the Battle of Talikota, the Keladi Nayakas created an independent kingdom and it remained so until it was annexed to the Mysore Kingdom by Hyder Ali.

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Keladi & Ikkeri- Historic places in Shivamogga

ShivappaNayaka & Chennamma are rulers of Keladi kingdom.

History of Keladi

Keladi was ruled by many Nayaka’s. They ruled in many parts of Karnataka including Malnad, coastal & western ghats. Keladi Nayaka’s contribution towards building their empire in Karnataka is much more.

keladi rameshwara temple
keladi Rameshwar temple

Keladi dynasty was established in 1499 AD and ruled by many Nayaka’s. But Shivappanayaka was one of the abled & pride King. Shivappanayaka ruled Keladi from 1645-1660AD. He was patronised towards literature and fine arts. His campaign against Bijapur sultan’s, Mysore kings, Portuguese & nearby Nayaka’s helped in expanding the Keladi Kingdom in Karnataka.

 Keladi Architecture

Rameshwara & Virabhadra temple was built by Keladi Nayaka’s in the 15th century. having Hoysala & Dravidian style of architecture.

Kealdi Rameshwar temple
Keladi Rameshwar temple

The temple houses three deities, Lord Rameswara (Linga and Nandi), Lord Veerabhadra and Lord Ganesh. The pillars are superbly adorned with legendary gods as well as animals. At the ceiling, you can find the legendary (imaginary) two-headed bird called Garudabande.

There is a statue of Rani Channamma, who is riding is riding a horse. Underneath Lord Ganesh, Rani Chenamma is paying respect accompanied by her consorts. At the back of the temple complex that is more or less facing the entrance, a picture of Vaastu sketched on a full wall panel. There exists a massive Manasthamba at the backyard of the temple. This indicates the temple could have been altered subsequently in accordance with Vaastu guidance.


Rameshwara temple is the major attraction of Keladi. Keladi is located 8kms from Sagara taluk & well connected by road. Keladi is one of the best historic tourist places in Shivamogga district.

Keladi Museum

There is a Museum situated outside the Keladi Rameswara temple that is maintained by Karnataka state government. Keladi Museum is a rich storehouse of copper inscriptions, palm leaves, coins and many more interesting antiques of the Keladi period. The museum also has the recovered idols of Hoysala and Chalukya period from the early 16th century to the late 18th century.

Kealdi museum
Kealdi museum


Ikkeri is located 3 kms from Sagara taluk of Shivamogga district. Ikkeri means “two streets” in the Kannada language.

Ikkeri was the capital of Keladi for 120 years. Later it was moved to Nagara and then to Kavaledurga.


Aghoreshwara temple Ikkeri

The main attraction in Ikkeri is “Aghoreshwara” temple, built by Keladi Nayaka’s. Temple is built in Vijayanagara style which also has Karnat Dravidian, Chalukya’s & Hoysala style of architecture.

Ikkeri Aghoreshwara temple
Ikkeri Aghoreshwara temple

The Aghoreshwara temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The Temple looks with vast open outer space throughout the temple compound. The Aghoreshwara temple is found in a big rectangular compound which is on a slightly higher ground. Instead of the tower gateway (Gopura) to the temple compound, a simple but superb cubical arch carved out of granite across the small passage with many steps.

There is a big “Nandi” statue in front of the Aghoreshwara temple, which is built by rare glassy granite stone.

Right next to Nandi shrine is a big Balipitha and a number of smaller Balipithas. A Balipitha (the Altar Stone) is where ritual offerings for god are offered. A couple of feet ahead at open area number of broken carved stones kept arranging. Actually, that is the ruins of the main deity’s image.

Nandi at Ikkeri
Nandi at Ikkeri

At present, the temple is well maintained by the Archaeological department of India.

Tourists who visit Keladi also visits Ikkeri which is at the nearest distance.

Many sculptures can be seen along with the temple.

How to reach Keladi & Ikkeri

Well, Sagara is well connected by road from Shivamogga. There are many private & Govt buses ply between the two cities. Sagara is just 70kms from Shivamogga. From Sagara, it is easy to reach Keladi & Ikkeri as the distance is very less. You can hire an auto or private taxi service inside the city.

Nearest railway station would be Talaguppa Railway station. Where you can get the train to Bangalore directly. The nearest airport is the Mangalore International Airport.

Nearby places to visit

Varadahalli- Shridhara Ashrama is the Shridhar mutt located just 6kms from Sagara

Jog falls- India’s 2nd highest waterfalls is located just 70kms from Sagara

Hotels & Accommodations

Sagara is the place to stay. There are budget hotels as well as luxury hotels also.

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