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Kavaledurga fort Thirthahalli Shimoga - ShimogaSiri ಶಿವಮೊಗ್ಗಸಿರಿ

Kavaledurga fort Thirthahalli Shimoga

Kavaledurga fort Shimoga

kavaleduga fort
kavaleduga fort

Shimoga is known for many tourist places which include waterfalls, hill stations, historic temples & even forts. Shimoga was ruled by many Nayaka’s, who had built many forts around Shimoga. One such fort is Kavaledurga fort, Thirthahalli- Shimoga.

Blessed by nature it is surrounded in green. A great place for midlevel trekking. Kavaledurga trek is pretty famous among the locals

History of Kavaledurga fort

Kavaledurga fort Thirthahalli Shimoga
Ruined Kavaledurga fort

Kavaledurga is also known as ‘Bhuvanagiri fort’. It is a 9th-century fort. And it has been renovated by Keladi king Cheluvarangappa Nayaka. Kavaledurga was under the rule of Vijayanagara before, Later King Venkappa Nayaka(1582-1629) gave a strong base to the fort & also built Matthu Mahattina Matt, which is a history now

Architecture of Kavaledurga Fort

Kavaledurga fort is just 16kms from Thirthahalli. Fort is built on the top of the hill at a height of 1541meters. Mani dam can be viewed from the top of the hill. It is one of the sightseeing places of Shivamogga.

kavaleduga fort.
Lakshmi Narayana Temple

There are 7 levels in the fort, each one of having different stories associated with. But as of now some parts of the fort is ruined, only Lakshmi Narayana temple & Mylareshwara temple still exists. ‘Nagari Bagilu’ was built in the level 2.

Further to Lakshmi Narayana temple, there is a ‘Darbaar hall’ & a swimming pool where ladies were used to take bath. A beautiful architecture can be seen in this fort which was built in the 9th century.

kavaleduga fort
Swimming pool

Almost all the parts of the fort have been ruined, but the view from the hill top is picturesque for the eyes. There is a ‘Garudagamba’ in front of the “Shikhareshwara temple” which is the main attraction of the fort. As the temple is on the top of the hill stock the temple might have got the name.

kavaleduga fort

One has to climb the hill to see this temple. ‘Kashi Vishwanatha‘ temple is located in the 3rd level, there are 2 Dwajastamba’s situated in front of the temple. There is also a Tulabhara Mantapa.

If you keep on exploring the fort , “gadhaa theertha” is flowing out of a cave, which flows all over the year.

How to reach Kavaledurga fort

Kavaledurga trek path
Kavaledurga trek path

Kavaledurga fort is a best place for one day trekking. If you stand on the bottom of the hill, there is no clue of a fort which is being built on the top. There are Paddy fields on the bottom of the hill, which is to be crossed to start climbing the hill. Can spend 4 to 5 hours easily.  There is nothing available to drink & eat; you should carry everything you need.

There is no information about Kavaledurga fort guide, but we can ask for the local people’s help to reach the fort.

Distance from major cities to Kavaledurga fort Shimoga

Shimoga to Kavaledurga 81kms
Thirthahalli to Kavaledurga 16kms
Bangalore to Kavaledurga 352kms
Mangalore to Kavaledurga 132kms

There are many buses ply to Kavaledurga from Thirthahalli. But it is advised to take private vehicles, so that you can visit the nearest tourist places too.

Nearest railway station is Shivamogga Railway station. (SMET)

Nearest Airport is Mangalore Airport.

Hotels and Accommodations

Thirthahalli is the nearest place to stay where you can get many hotels & lodges. There are no hotels or lodges to stay in Kavaledurga

Places to visit near Kavaledurga:

Kuppalli-House of Kuvempu is just 35kms from Kavaledurga fort. Kundadri hill- 34kms, ChakraDam -31kms ,Agumbe-33kms,, Honnemaradu-110kms, Mani reservoir Dam-14kms Chibbalugudde-28kms (, Mandagadde-50kms

If you plan for a 3day trip, you can see the above beautiful places of Malenadu & Western ghat region

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