Guli Guli Shankara Temple Shimoga

Guli Guli Shankara Temple, Shimoga

Many of you might have not heard about “Guli Guli Shankara the Magical pond of Lord Shiva” or also known as “Guli Guli Shankara temple” Shimoga, the place is located in Shivamogga(Shimoga) district of Karnataka state.

guli guli shankara

Glory of Guli Guli Shankara

Guli Guli Shankara is famous for the magical pond in the Shiva temple, which does many magics. Devotees having many diseases like Skin allergies, Kidney stones & cold-related diseases will come here to get cured & get the blessings of Lord Shiva.

There are bubbles originates from deep of the pond, which never stops during summer also. As the bubble emerges from the pond, the place is named as Guli Guli Shankara. Guli Guli means bubbles in Kannada. The water in this pond never dries all over the year. It has many medicinal properties in it, which is proven & cures many diseases.

guli guli shankara pond

There is a belief that every other leaves which falls into the pond floats, except Lord Shiva’s favourite “Bilva Pathre”. This happens according to the Bhakti of the devotees who come here for.

The plants inside the pond are stood straight as there is a force of water from the down earth. And these plants are golden in colour, hence it is also called the “Golden Pond”

History says that the temple has been built during Hoysala dynasty yet very less known to people. The pond is said to be created by the power of Lord Shiva, so it has got magical power too.

guli guli shankara temple Shimoga

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How to reach Guli Guli Shankara temple

There are many buses from Shivamogga & Hosanagara to reach Guli Guli Shankara. Should travel 40kms from Shivamogga towards Hosanagara. There will get a village called ‘Gubbiga’, Pond is located near to the village.

If you start from Shivamogga, it hardly takes one hour to reach the place, can spend 1-2hours & get the blessings of Lord Shiva.




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