Gandhi park Shivamogga

Mahathma Gandhi Park Shivamogga:

Gandhi Park Shivamogga
entrance gandhi park 

Gandhi park is literally famous in Shivamogga. It is the only biggest & oldest park in Shivamogga where you  can spend few hours with your kids. It is one among the places to visit in Shivamogga. It is attracting people after its renovation few years back. Gandhi park Shivamogga has become like a home for the children in Shivamogga. They love to play around in the park. Park is well maintained after its renovation.

What you  can find & do in Gandhi park, Shimoga:

Mahatma Gandhi park is mostly visited by the local people. Well if you are staying in Shimoga for few more days , Gandhi park is one of the places to visit.

morning breeze gandhi park
morning breeze gandhi park

Entry fee for the park is very less. It’s just Rs10. When you enter the park you can find big concrete statues of many wild animals, which mainly attracts the kids. Kids will definitely enjoy being here. On the straight path , there are fountains made, which rarely sprinkles water. This is run during special occasions.

play area gandi park
play area gandi park

On the left side  there is Park an Aquarium which has many different species of fishes & sea creatures.

If you go inside, you can find kids play area. The best part for the kids.  After Further move you can find the train. The main attraction of the park. The train is mainly made for the children to sit & take a round in the park. You can also find many art works displayed here.

kids train gandhi park
kids train gandhi park

Beside to the train track you can find walking path where people to walk daily. There will be more walkers in early morning. Walking in Gandhi park will give you a good experience as park has many big trees & garden maintained.

Walking path
Walking path

Now a few months before a very big Indian Flag has been hosted in the park which can be seen from far.

There is a swimming pool in the park, where summer camps are conducted for the children who wants to learn swimming.

Swimming pool-Gandhi park
Swimming pool-Gandhi park

Zilla Horiculture Department has it office inside Gandhi park Shivamogga where they conduct annual exhibitions like Flower shows.

On the eastern side of the park, An auditorium is built, known as Ambedkar Bhavan, where many programs are conducted by the Govt & Private authorities. Yearly once Khadi mela will also be arranged inside the auditorium premises.

Evening at gandhi park
Evening at gandhi park

Well for the Shimoga people I don’t have to explain much, because they are all well aware of the place.

Earlier like 15-20years before Gandhi park had many animals. Parrots, Bear, Monkeys, Snakes, Cobra, Deer, Rabbit, crocodile etc . But due to lack of maintenance all the animals were moved to lion & tiger safari which is in Tyavarekoppa, Shivamogga.

But I must say now after the renovation park is really well maintained  & clean as well. A best refreshing for your kids & also for you on a holiday.

How to reach.

Mahatma Gandhi park is located in the heart of the city. It is nearer to DVS college, Gandhi bazaar, Gopi cirlcle, Mahaveer circle. It is easy to reach here.

Of course nearest railway station is Shimoga railway station. And it is easy to reach by bus also. A lot of Buses will ply to shimoga from all over the Karnataka.

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