Bheemeshwara temple falls trek Shimoga

Bheemeshwara falls Shimoga

A place nothing but heaven. Bheemeshwara temple and waterfalls located near Sagara, Shimoga district. It’s an unexplored beautiful place to visit.

Bheemshwara temple Sagara
Bheemshwara temple Shimoga

Visit Bheemeshwara falls Shimoga would be a great escape from the city life. The temple is located between the mountains of the western ghats. Bheemeshwara falls is more attractive during the rainy season.

History of Bheemeshwara temple and waterfalls

Inside Bheemeshwara temple Sagara
Inside Bheemeshwara temple Sagara

According to the tale, Shiva Linga was established by Bheema of Pandavas during his Agnaatavasa to honour this deed a temple was built here for his name which is the Bheemeswara Temple. The fascinating Bheemeshwara waterfall formed when Arjuna used his arrow to extract water from the rocks and it’s situated just next to the temple.

Bheemeshwara temple and waterfalls

Bheemeshwara temple having a history with Mahabharata is one of the ancient temples in Karnataka. The temple is built inside a cave.

Bheemeshwara temple Shimoga
Bheemeshwara temple Shimoga

Falls located next to Bheemeshwara temple-hence the name Bheemeshwara falls. The temple is old fashioned yet very beautiful. River Sarala drops down the falls is the main attraction.

The speciality of the Bheemeshwara falls is the water in the falls never dries up throughout the year. By looking at the images you only can feel how beautiful the place is.

NAndi Bheemeshwara temple
Nandi Bheemeshwara temple

On MahaShivarathri, there will be a huge Puja offered to the Lord by the local people every year.

If you love to explore an unexplored place, Bheemeshwara falls is the right one. Let’s see how to reach the temple

How to reach Bheemeshwara falls(trek)

Trek starts with a delightful walk through the mud road inside the forest. One can really sense the serenity and calmness once get into the temple.

Road to Bheemeshwara falls Sagara
The road to Bheemeshwara falls Sagara

Trek to Bheemeshwara falls would be a beautiful experience as the route is filled with greenery and untouched by humans. Nature always surprises us by giving such wonderful places.

It is a bit difficult to reach the place, as there are no direct transportation facilities to Bheemeshwara falls.

Route map to Bheemeshwara falls

Trekking route to Bheemeshwara falls
Trekking route to Bheemeshwara falls

Starting from Sagara towards Honnavara road, need to drive 29kms until the Jog circle. From there need to take a left diversion towards Kargal-Bhatkal road. Drive through Kargal-Muppani till you reach Kogar Ghats. Drive down for 3kms more, there you can see a signboard of ‘Bheemeshwara temple’.

Need to take a right turn and drive for a kilometre distance. After reaching there the only option to reach the falls is by trekking. During rainy season vehicles cannot reach the place and one has to trek last 8 kilometres. And also difficult to walk through as there will be leeches which will suck your blood.

On the way to the temple, you can view the beauty of Sharavathi Valley Wildlife Sanctuary. Bheemeshwara falls trek is suitable for medium level trekking.

Transport availability

Buses from Sagara to Bhatkal have stop at Kogar ghat on request and from there one has to walk all the way till Bheemeshwara temple.

Bheemeshwara temple Sagara
Bheemeshwara temple Sagara

Nearest railway station would be Sagara. But to get an accessible route Shimoga railway station would be accessible. There are trains from Bangalore, Mysore & Chikmagalur.

Hotels & Accommodation near Bheemeshwara Waterfalls

There are no hotels available within the 50kms radius. The nearest place to stay would be Sagara. One can find homestays & lodges in Sagara. Food will be prepared by the priest of the temple if ordered in prior.

Contact no Bheemshwara temple
Contact no Bheemshwara temple

I tried searching for nearest Homestay available, Giving the contact number below, which would be helpful if you are looking for homestays near Sagara.

Gudimane- email:

Contact no. 9900956760, 9980100975, 9980100576

Nearby tourist places in Sagara:

There are many tourist places in Sagara. Visiting Sagara would be a great experience as you can also get to visit near places.

Know the distance from

  • Sagara-70kms
  • Siddapur-60kms
  • Shimoga-135kms
  • Hosanagara-109kms
  • Sirsi-99kms
  • Jog falls-75kms

Route map from Shimoga to Bheemeshwara falls


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