Ameer Ahmad Circle Shimoga

Ameer Ahmad Circle Shimoga

Ameer Ahmad Circle Shimoga is the big circle in the city. Ameer Ahmad circle is the centre for all the connecting roads. It connects to BH Road, KR Puram Road, Nehru Road, Bus stand road & Gandhi Bazar. Also it is the main market area in Shimoga city.

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Ameer Ahmad Circle Shivamogga

Ameer Ahmad circle Shimoga
Ameer Ahmad circle Shimoga

The main attraction of Ameer Ahmad circle is City centre mall. City centre mall is also called Shivappa Nayaka Market as there was a flower & Vegetable market in this place. City centre mall Shimoga is started recently. But now a big mall has come up.

City centre mall Shimoga

City centre mall Shimoga is an evening destination to Shimoga locals. Mall has many cloth shops, SPAR supermarket, and many branded outlets. It also has Coffee Day, Dominos & many more.

City Centre mall Shimoga
City Centre mall Shimoga

City centre mall is also called Shivappa Nayaka Market as there was a flower & Vegetable market in this place. City centre mall Shimoga is started recently. A nice place to hang out with friends. Everyone who visits the city centre will definitely take a selfie & upload it to facebook.:)

On the way to Gandhi Bazar, there is a sweet house by name Venkatesha Sweet house. Shimoga people just love the Mysore Pak sold here. They do make yummy mysorepaks along with other sweets also. But Mysore Pak is much famous.

venkatesh sweet house Shimoga
venkatesh sweet house Shimoga

Gandhi park Shivamogga

Gandhi Bazar Shimoga

If gone further, we get flower market. The main thing during the festive season. It’s very difficult to step your foot during festivals as there will be much more crowd of people. Turning to left there we get Shivappa Nayaka Statue. Shivappa Nayaka is a king, who ruled Shivamogga & Surrounding places.

gandhi bazar Shimoga
gandhi bazar Shimoga

At the right of the statue, there is Gandhi Bazar, the market area of Shivamogga. You can get anything & everything here. Jewellery shops, cloth shops, books & Stationary, Novelties, fruits & vegetables, hardware shops, sports shop, gift shop & many more. One can get at a wholesale price in Gandhi Bazar.

Hindu Mahasabha Procession Shimoga

One more thing about Ameer Ahmad Circle is any Important activities like Procession, protests or any kind of religion activities usually starts from here only.

Hindu mahasabha ganapathi
Hindu Mahasabha Ganapathi

It’s just impossible to imagine the crowd during Hindu Mahasabha Ganapathi visarjan. The circle will be completely decorated with Saffron (Kesari) the Hindu colour. There were more than one lakh people gathered this year during Ganapathi Visarjan.

Nehru Road Shimoga

Next connecting road to Ameer Ahmad circle is Nehru road. Many banks, Jewellery showrooms, branded showrooms, Mobile & Watch outlets, electronic showrooms are in Nehru road. Nehru road connects to Gopi circle, which is another main circle in Shimoga(Shivamogga).

Ameer Ahmad circle is a sensitive place also. There are many religious conflicts took place here. So there will always be the security of the police.

This is just a glimpse of Ameer Ahmad circle Shimoga(Shivamogga). If anything to add please comment.


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